3 Options Tips from Someone With Experience

3 Options Tips from Someone With Experience

Three Things Women Should Factor In When Getting Advice

It’s quite true that women, just like men, need help in finding their ways and handling things from time to time. Since women are widely known to be the more sentimental and emotional between the two sexes, they tend to be more inclined to seeking advice as well as tips in many things, including relationships, social life, jobs, health, and others. But the unfortunate fact about the kind of world we currently live in is that not all advice and tips are genuine and wholesome. There are times when the person who you think you trust will be the same one who gives you advice based on their own set of desires or ulterior motive.

So if you are someone who is in need of advice in different aspects of your life, you might want to give these three things some consideration first:

1 – First things first, figure out why you’re in need of advice in the first place.

The key here is to be particularly sure about the reason you cannot deal with the issue on your own decision-making. So whenever you figure that out, that’s the time you make the realization that the only possible means of handling whatever it is that bothers you is by seeking someone else’s advice. One thing you should avoid doing is seeking advice just because you need someone to share your issues or troubles with. This one is very common these days in social media and the web, but you definitely want to avoid doing this since no woman out there wants to be known as someone who has a victim-mentality issue. While many women do it and feel there’s nothing wrong about it, you should know that there’s nothing pleasant about the addiction to receiving attention through sympathy. Therefore, before seeking advice, make sure you feel that there is value in getting one.

2 – The next factor to consider is the person to whom you want to get the advice.

Yes, it’s true that you should be seeking for great advice, but it also is important that you consider the value of trust you have in the person you’re getting it. Some are more than willing to listen to what you have to say but only a few will give their genuine advice or opinion. Be smart in selecting the people you seek advice because some of them might only be willing to listen so that they can hear what you have to say and then talk about it to other people. Other than your most trusted friends, you can seek advice from professionals who make a living by giving life tips like psychologists, therapists, and psychics.

3 – Lastly, learn how to identify a great advice.

You see, not all advice and tips are true to the heart, which means some of them don’t really have value. Yes, it is true that you need help in the form of advice in order to deal with something, but it still is your responsibility to figure out if the advice is indeed worthy of following.

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